We are only water (2024)

We are only water
We are only rain
And time is just a concept
That helps us cope with pain
We are all water
We are just water
Tape the sound of sunrise
And send it to a friend
Chase away the darkness
And bring it to an end
We are all water
We are just water
And when the light is fading
We begin to shine
We let night take over
And drift away in time
We are all water
We are just water

Down and out (2012)

it’s like a never ending race
it’s like a monkey on my back
it’s like a sun that doesn’t rise
it’s like a fire in my head
I guess I never had a chance
because there was no way to win
because I’m out here all alone
that’s why I’m down and out

I’ve got some drug that keeps me calm
I’ve got some booze to ease my mind
I’ve got a kitten in my lap
I’ve got this dagger in my hand
I guess I’m overdosed on you
because you penetrate my mind
because you flash your winning smile
while I am down and out

it’s such an endless way back home
it’s such a dreadful road to go
it’s like a maze I walk alone
it’s like this dagger in my hand
I would not mind to take the blame
but in the end it don’t makes sense
because I’m not the one who counts
because I’m down and out


I wouldn’t mind if you forgot me.
You think that I
am trying so hard but
I don’t care.
It was a dream
larger than life but now
it ain’t much more than
wasting time.

You talk to me but I don’t listen.
You try so hard
to get it rolling
once again.
There was a way,
there was a chance but now
it ain’t much more than
wasting time.

You know that I would never hurt you
You know that I
would never
make you cry.
I look at you
but you turn away and so
it ain’t much more than
wasting time.

Don’t let me down (2022)

So you, 
you blame it all on me
but I’m not complaining,
no I’m not complaining.
Still I
never thought that I could be
so blue.
Don’t let me down.

It’s not
just a matter of clearing up
plain misunderstandings.
Still I wouldn’t mind to give it up for you.
Don’t let me down.

It feels just like an endless tide
rising around me, all around me.
And you, you’re drifting out of sight alone.
But I let you drown.
But don’t let me down.

a note in your diary (2022)

I wouldn’t mind to get lost
all tangled up in your dream,
wouldn’t mind to go anywhere
just to get closer to you,
wouldn’t mind to pretend
to be a trace in your time
just to be a note 
in your diary.

But you never asked to be mine,
to share my hopes and my fears,
to share eternity anywhere
just to be closer to me.
You never tried to give it a chance
and so this kills all my dreams
to be a note 
in your diary.

strip it all down (2022)

Let me know
all you sorrows.
Let me hide here
’til tomorrow.
We may come to
the conclusion
that it’s all been
a faint illusion.
Let’s rip it all,
and strip it all,
strip it all down!

Let it down, let it down, let it down 
and cut the line,
I wouldn’t disagree.
Take it up, take it up, take it up 
and let it shine;
I guess it’s up to me.
Ain’t right it, ain’t right it, ain’t it right 
to find a place
just to be alone?
Let it loose, let it loose, let it loose 
and leave the maze
or I will be gone.
Let’s rip it all,
and strip it all,
strip it all down!

A lost cause (2022)

Don’t you feel
our case is out an over?
Can’t you grasp
what you have done to me?
Oh I am sick, girl,
of taking weird excuses.
You just ain’t made
for getting on with me.
It is a lost cause.

Well I don’t care
about your desperation.
I don’t give a heck at all
so please don’t bother me.
I never met your
bizarre expectations.
I saw it coming,
now it’s for you to see.
We are a lost cause.

Well now I know
this case is out an over.
So don’t you worry
what you have done to me.
Just move away, girl,
And get out of my vision.
No need to hurry,
you won’t catch up with me, anyway.
You are a lost cause.

In between (2012)

It’s not a case of now or never
It ain’t just black or white
And all I wanna do
is something in between

There ain’t no road I’d go forever
It’s not just left or right
Cause where I wanna go
is somewhere in between

I ain’t got a clue
Which way I’m bound
And I don’t care
This is just the funny way I am
Yes I am

Don’t ask for rain, don’t ask for sunshine
‚cause as you know my friend
All you gonna get
is something in between

Rain (2012)

Let a rain fall
between you and me.
Let a fire burn
with a light that can’t be seen.
There is something in my mind
that I can not quite explain,
such an endless void;
and all this rain is falling.

Say your mantra until
it falls apart.
Let a sun rise
that is nothing but a fake.
There is something in your eyes
that I’ve never seen before,
such an endless void;
or is it just the rain?

And it rains and rains and rains

Blur (2012)

I got a thousand dreams to live in,
so what are we waiting for?
I know a thousand ways to go there.
You know I’m right,
I guess you’re wrong,
that’s how we get along,
watching a blur that fades into nowhere.

You wanna know if I found out yet.
But that’s not for me to say.
You wanna know if I’m still searching.
I guess it’s not
just for today
but it will go away,
just like a blur that fades into nowhere.

There are a thousand things we’re sick of.
But we got no one to blame.
We got a thousand fears to cling to.
There is this odd
feel down below
and I want you to know
it’s just a blur that fades into nowhere.

and I like the sun
I like the rain
I like the wind
bringing me home.
It’s just a glow
but still I know
we’ll get it done.

Les Plaintes d’un Icare (2012)

Les amants des prostituées
Sont heureux, dispos et repus;
Quant à moi, mes bras sont rompus
Pour avoir étreint des nuées.

C’est grâce aux astres nonpareils,
Qui tout au fond du ciel flamboient,
Que mes yeux consumés ne voient
Que des souvenirs de soleils.

En vain j’ai voulu de l’espace
Trouver la fin et le milieu;
Sous je ne sais quel oeil de feu
Je sens mon aile qui se casse;

Et brûlé par l’amour du beau,
Je n’aurai pas l’honneur sublime
De donner mon nom à l’abîme
Qui me servira de tombeau.

Text: Charles Baudelaire

Colours (2022)

The sun comes up
and spills the colours
and all the beauty
of the day.
I miss the colours 
we were losing
the day that
you just slipped away.

We carry on
‘cause there ain’t nothing
that we could do
about it.

The sun goes down
the light is dying.
The world goes round 
and round and round.
I guess a part of
it collapsed when
I saw you fading,
nowhere bound. 

We carry on
but still we wonder 
where you’re drifting

Sick of it (2012)

I know it’s a lovely thing
to have a home and
to have a place to go,
but I’m just of it.
I’m told what I do is right and
I’m told what I say is funny but
I don’t believe that shit.
They say the future is bright and
they say the worlds all sunny but
I’m out here in the rain.
I know I need a brake and
I know I need a change for good,
no use just to complain.

So please excuse me
if I just run and hide
behind a rainbow.

You’re surprised when I lock my doors and
you’re surprised when I switch the radio off,
you’re surprised when I shake my head.
I don’t believe that you got me right and
I’m afraid you will never understand my way
or the gist of what I say.
I offered you to share my thoughts and
I offered you to come along with me
and now it’s up to you.
You wanted me to flash my smile and
wanted me to just be calm and nice;
I guess that’s up to me.